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Terms of use

The information on this website has been generated by Simply Sold LLC, a limited liability company in the state of Florida. This information about selling real estate has been compiled from various sources believed to be reliable, but Simply Sold LLC makes no representations or warranties related to the accuracy of this information. Simply Sold LLC is a company engaged in the real estate business as an investment, purchasing and contracting company.

Anyone viewing this website agrees that they are not relying upon Simply Sold LLC in any manner by reason of being provided access to information on this website. All information contained within this website is based on the opinions of Simply Sold LLC and the factual data compiled by Simply Sold LLC. Simply Sold LLC believes the information to be accurate but it is not guaranteed. 

Any relationship between you and Simply Sold LLC shall be established only in writing and by signing any documents required under Florida law. No oral agreements are binding and no oral promises are being made by Simply Sold LLC in requesting information about your property.

Neither Simply Sold LLC nor its agents/affiliates shall be liable for any claim of loss alleged to have resulted from any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies concerning any of the information posted on this website or provided through this website. The User assumes any and all risk of loss related in any manner to the use of this website.